About Us

SustainAffiliate exists to bring sustainability and ethical purchasing decisions to the forefront of affiliate marketing. We thereby support a greater focus on ethics and sustainability in advertising, inspire more conscious consumption and ultimately help transition to a more sustainable economy.


We vet both Brand Owners and Content Creators based on their values and mission.


Our feature-rich Network offers users a chance to connect with one another to achieve their missions.


Brand Owners and Content Creators can engage in positive affiliate relationships through our Network.
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Our Mission

SustainAffiliate enables ethical and sustainable Brands Owners to collaborate with like-minded Content Creators.

We facilitate an online community where Brand Owners and Content Creators can develop positive affiliate relationships built on values alignment and mutual trust.

Our platform makes it easy for Brand Owners and Content Creators to connect, promote products and services, manage affiliate relationships, track sales and commissions, and more.

Our Leaders

Our founders have a BIG vision: to become the affiliate network of choice for Brand Owners and Content Creators who want to make a positive difference to people and the planet – driven by our focus on community, superior user experience and ROI.

Meet our leaders:

Bianca Caruana

Bianca Caruana

Founder and Head of Marketing



Head of Product Development



Head of Strategy and Finance

Our Values

SustainAffiliate was created with a foundation of core values that our founders embody in their day-to-day lives and through their own advocacy surrounding sustainability – Bianca, with her work on The Altruistic Traveller, and Paul and Sandra with their work at Minimalist Journeys.

We aim to lead with integrity and make efforts in our own operations as a company that align with the values we ask of both Brand Owners and Content Creators who sign up to the network.

We understand that sustainability is a journey and so we work alongside our community to continue to evolve to meet our mission and, ultimately, the mission to create a more sustainable way of life on our planet.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

As a company, we walk-the-walk by ensuring our operations align with our values. Some of the ways we do that are:

Green Domain and Hosting
Carbon Offsetting
SDG Alignment
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Our History

SustainAffiliate was founded in 2021 by Bianca Caruana, an Australian-Maltese freelance journalist, blogger, and podcast host who specialises in stories that ignite compassion and drive action for the happiness of all beings. Through her work at The Altruistic Traveller, Bianca realised how difficult it was to find ethical brands to collaborate with, so she looked for avenues to create that solution.

Paul Ryken and Sandra Rosenau, the Kiwi/German team behind the successful sustainable lifestyle and travel blog Minimalist Journeys, joined in 2022. Minimalist Journeys only work with brands that align with their core values. Having encountered the same challenges as Bianca, they brought their business expertise and passion for environmental and social impact to help launch and grow the company.

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Our Future

We’re committed to achieving our mission of assisting in the creation of a more sustainable economy. We aim to achieve this by helping Brand Owners and Content Creators who hold sustainability at the core of their values to use our feature-rich affiliate Network to connect and engage in positive affiliate marketing relationships.