Grow your sales with a feature-rich, values-aligned affiliate network

SustainAffiliate invites conscious and principled Brand Owners to list their business on our network and have it accessible to a pool of vetted Content Creators.

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Manage your affiliate program through our Network


We vet Content Creators based on their ethical values and mission so you know they align with yours.


Content Creators can search for and automatically access your brand materials through our network.


Put your products or services into the eyes of customers who understand your vision.

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How It Works For Brand Owners


Apply to join SustainAffiliate

Submit your application so that we can start the vetting process.


Set up your campaigns, banners and links

Configure your campaign, commission rates and brand material for Content Creators to consider.


Content Creators promote your brand

Our community of vetted Content Creators, who align with your business values, can start promoting your products and services.

Brand Benefits



We find the most ethical, climate-friendly, eco-conscious Content Creators who want to educate their audience and make a difference in the world.

Advanced Tracking

SustainAffiliate implements advanced types of tracking to create accurate tracking results. SustainAffiliate always uses the strongest possible tracking methods in order of strength.

Full Control of Campaigns, Banners and Links

Using our feature-rich Network, you control what your campaigns, banners and links look like. Use our Knowledgebase to create campaign assets that convert.

Why Choose Us?

SustainAffiliate is one of the few affiliate networks that focus solely on ethical and environmentally impactful products and services. The rich functionality we offer will power your campaigns from start to finish.

We offer a comprehensive service including a powerful tracking system with unique tracking methods, different types of commission, brand materials, and comprehensive reports, all in one simple-to-use solution.

Hundreds of features are available to make your experience the best possible. SustainAffiliate is easy to set up and scales with the size of your business needs.

Feature-rich interface

SustainAffiliate offers Brand Owners a range of features to manage their affiliate program. Think of our Network as an extension of your sales team with the ability to control external affiliate relationships with Content Creators.

Key features include:

  • Five unique tracking methods
  • Complete control of campaigns, banners and links
  • High-quality vetted Content Creators
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting
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Built on values

SustainAffiliate facilitates an online community where Brand Owners and Content Creators develop positive affiliate relationships built on values alignment and mutual trust.

Our network is built on deep-rooted values. Some of the ways we walk the walk are:


  • Live according to our own ESG policy
  • Work with integrity
  • Take accountability
  • Source sustainable operation methods
  • Align with the Sustainable Development Goals

Our Vetting Process Explained

We found that aligning Brand Owners and Content Creators based on common values leads to brands reaching consumers who understand their vision. This is why we focus on vetting brands according to our own unique sustainability criteria, inspired by ISO 26000. The diagram below outlines our vetting process. If you have any questions about the process or want to learn more about whether your brand qualifies, contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions from Brand Owners.

What is SustainAffiliate?

SustainAffiliate is an affiliate marketing company. It provides a self-service network interface for Brands and Content Creators to engage and collaborate.

What will I need to supply to use SustainAffiliate?

SustainAffiliate has been set up to give you full control. As such, you will need to set up the campaigns (although a default campaign is included). You need to define the commission offered and upload any brand materials in line with our content standards. At a minimum, it is recommended that brands supply three rectangle and three square image banners.


How can I access system support?

You can contact our support team via email at

What is the cost for Brand Owners?

Check out the plans and options that suit your requirements.

How will I know if I am approved?

All applications go through an approval process and you will be notified via email whether you have been approved or denied access to the Network.

Can SustainAffiliate scale as my business grows?

Yes! SustainAffiliate has been built to handle massive scale through our Amazon Web Services infrastructure in The Netherlands.

Still have questions?