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Banner Rotator

This feature is not currently enabled in the beta phase. To request this feature, please contact us or upvote it in the Feature Request log.

What is a banner rotator?

Banner rotators are a form of software that rotate banner ads visitors see while browsing the Content Creator’s website. Rotating banners are designed to stand out on a website and attract potential customers.

Creating a new banner rotator

A Banner rotator can be created in the same way as the other banners. In the Brand Owner panel, navigate to Banners and Links Banners | Links manager and click Add banner.

In the banner and link creation page, define the Name of the banner and the Campaign to which the banner is going to be assigned.

After clicking on Create button, the banner is saved and you’ll get to the editation mode where you can add sub-banners that will be rotated in this rotator.

You can add new banners into the rotator by selecting them from the Select Banner drop-down menu, and clicking the Add To Rotator button.

The Rank field sets the banner rank within the rotator, which is the percentage of which banner will be displayed the most time. By default, all banners have the same rank.

If you want to display some banners with a higher probability than the others, you can edit the rank manually in the list of banners.

The table with the list of banners will give you also the numbers of clicks impressions and CTR (clickthrough ratio) for each sub banner in the rotator.

Now the rotator is created and the Content Creator can use it on their pages. From the Content Creator’s point of view, the rotator is just like any other banner. They can copy and paste the banner code to their page to display it.

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