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++Banners and Links

Banners and links are the essence of affiliate marketing. Promotions in advertising are far from foolproof, but using the right marketing strategy, paying attention to analytics, and utilising the correct promotional material at the right time can yield brand awareness and high profits.

Banners are the graphics that appear from top to bottom or from one side to the other of a website or digital media property. As a Brand Owner, you can rely on Content Creators to advertise your products or services with banners, and to provide prospects with visual advertisements that entice them to interact.

It is important for the image banner to attract the reader’s attention and get them curious about the advertised product or service. Images are more commonly used than texts when expressing their message.



Specific fields are used when creating banners and links. All banners and links open in a new window.


SustainAffiliate supports a number of banner and link types.


There are two templates for each banner.


If a Brand Owner has many banners and links, it may be useful to separate them into categories.

Sample banners and links

To get an idea of the different types of banners and links, go to our test and training fictional website called Ethical Blog.


SmartLinks allow the Brand Owner to set multiple banner destination URLs for each banner. They can use this feature if they want to target different destination URLs based on the visitor’s device and/or visitor’s country(Geo-targeting).


The DirectLinks tracking option is an advanced feature that allows the Content Creators to link directly from their website to the Brand website without additional parameters in the URL.

Channels and SubID

SustainAffiliate allows Content Creators to track their advertising channels. This means that they can create for example channel for AdWords, and put their affiliate link on AdWords.

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