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Campaign scheduler

This feature is not currently enabled in the beta phase. To request this feature, please contact us or upvote it in the Feature Request log.

Campaign Scheduler allows you to configure rules for campaigns. With these rules, you can change the campaign status to

  • Active
  • Paused
  • Stopped automatically depends on time or commissions in the campaign

Now you can create the rules for the campaign using the button Add scheduling rule

Time rule

Time rule can activate, pause, or stop the campaign daily/monthly/weekly on a chosen day in the week or month or a concrete day at a concrete hour.

Statistics rule

The statistic rule depends on created commissions, therefore, can only pause or stop an active campaign.


If you want banners to be influenced by rules, you have to use iFrame or JavaScript (dynamic) wrappers. For example, if you want banners to be automatically removed from the Content Creator’s pages when a campaign is stopped, it is only possible with these two banner wrappers. The static code placed on a Content Creator’s page can only be removed by the Content Creator.

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