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Commission types

Below is a list of all commission types that can be set in a campaign.

Per Click

You can reward a Content Creator every time somebody clicks a Content Creator’s banner or link so essentially when the visitor lands on your website. It is possible to assign commissions only for unique or for all clicks the visitor makes.

Per Sale

This is the most common commission type. You reward a Content Creator for referring orders/sales. The commission can be either a flat commission, for example, $10, or a percentage commission, for example, 10%, that will be calculated from the value of the order.

Per Lead

This type is commission can be defined as a Per Action commission. It is almost the same thing as a Per Sale commission, although here you don’t pay for a sale, but for a lead, where a lead can be, for example, when a visitor fills in a form on your site with their information or joins a membership site.

Per Action

This is a special commission type. It allows you to create a commission for anything: a sale, filling out a form, downloading something from your site, or ending up on a particular page. It means that you can reward the Content Creator whenever a visitor referred by them performs a defined action.


CPM in this case stands for a commission per mille (or thousand). It means that when a Content Creator’s banner is displayed (Impressions) or clicked 1000 times on the Content Creator’s page, they will get a fixed commission. There are therefore specifically two commission types:

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