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CPM – per clicks

This feature is not currently enabled for the beta phase. To request this feature, please contact us or upvote it in the Feature Request log.

Cost Per Mille or Commission Per Mille (CPM) is a special type of commission that is rewarded for 1000 impressions (displaying your banner or links 1000 times).

If you would like to set CPM commissions for IMPRESSIONS, you need to use a different feature.

Setting up CPM commissions

The new commission type called CPM per clicks is located in the commission setting under campaigns.

To set commissions, navigate to Campaigns | Campaign manager | edit any campaign. Go to the Commissions settings tab and you’ll see the CPM per clicks commission type.

The commissions for CPM can be defined in the same way as commissions for clicks or sales. Simply click on the Edit button of the CPM per clicks commission type. The commission has to be set up as a fixed value in your system default currency so for example $1. Once you’ve set the commission up do not forget to click the Enable button to enable the commissions (if it is not enabled already).

The commission can’t be defined as a percentage since there is no value to calculate the percentage from.

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