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Image banner

One of the most common link options is the Image banner. It is a graphic image used to advertise a product or service. It is still the most effective way of advertising in affiliate marketing because within an image you can express not only your basic slogan but emotions as well.

Brand Owner image banner statistics

SustainAffiliate supports all types of images as Image Banners. You can simply upload your images directly to SustainAffiliate and the Content Creators will be able to use your banners on their websites.

As a Brand Owner, you need to upload an image that will be viewed as a banner. When a visitor clicks on it, they will be redirected to the Destination URL. The Brand Owner should enter the URL of the landing page (for example, the main site or index page of the shop). On this page, the Brand Owner will need to insert the click tracking code to track clicks and sales.

If you select the Iframe wrapper option, then the Content Creator will receive a JavaScript version of the banner code (not the HTML code). The advantage of the JavaScript version is that the Brand Owner can change the code of the banner in the Brand Owner panel and it will take effect even in those banners which are already in use on the Content Creator’s page.

If you set this banner as hidden, it won’t be displayed to Content Creators. It can be used for a banner in progress, or for a banner used in the rotator, that you don’t want to display to Content Creators.

Recommended sizes

Banner ads come in numerous image sizes but are often rectangles 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high.


Below is a standard and typical 728×90 banner advertisement for Sustainable Brand (a fictitious shop designed for training and testing purposes).

Sustainable Brand 728x90 banner advertisement


Banners are most commonly formatted in JPEG format. When creating photos or images containing complex gradients, a lot of colours or shadows, this format is the ideal solution. The biggest advantage of JPEGs is that they provide you with a file that is under 200kb in size. Additionally, JPEGs allow you to adjust the banner’s quality. Depending on your needs, you can choose either high quality or low quality, which lets you adjust the final size of your banner.

Create an image banner

To create this kind of banner, go to Banners and Links | Banners and Links manager. Click Add banner or link and select Image banner. Fill in the fields and click Create.

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